A series of 12 COLOURFUL images
DEPICTING key periods of british history

With such a full history curriculum, it can be difficult to engage children with and teach every period of British history covered. These images have been create to provide a perfect overview of each period covered in the Key Stage 2 and 3 of the national curriculum, from mesolithic to modern day. As wall mounted posters or laminated classroom aids, they are a unique way to engage children with the British history time line. 

  • The main events of each period (as specified by the National Cirriculum).
  • Context for those events and a glimpse of British life at the time.
  • Examples of clothing, architecture and landscape from each period.
  • Highly colourful and decorative images.
  • A constant bug character to find in each image.
  • Layers of detail to intrigue and absorb students.
  • Students learn about key British history periods through the osmosis of passing by an image every day.
  • Provides colourful and educational art for any any blank corridor or wall.
  • 'Find the bug' is a fun interactive element to draw students in.
  • Layers of detail mean there's always more to see.
  • Provoke questions from students.
  • Great discussion starting point for teaching.
  • Foamex wall hanging posters: Tough, durable and weatherproof, these boards  are perfect for hanging in school corridors. Read more here.
  • Flexi laminated classroom posters: Printed on heavy paper then encapsulated in plastic, these are perfect for passing round the classroom for student to get a close up look at the images. Read more here.
  • Other formats are available on request.